Business Opportunity


RENOVA POD (Pavement on Demand) Business (Turning Millings into Money):

Produce more revenue (and quicker) than possible from any other product in your recycling facility.

If you are generating reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) or millings, accepting it into your facility or you can source it locally, you can convert that material with a RENOVA asphalt recycler into quality hot mix at earnings you’ve never contemplated – far more profit than is currently generated by crushing asphalt for resale; perhaps 3 and 4 times as much profit.

Do this yourself – or partner with us. Be the exclusive provider in your area for high grade hot mix asphalt that can be sold back to the same asphalt patching customers who currently discard asphalt material – city street crews, asphalt patching contractors, utility repair service providers and others.

Position yourself to competitively price hot mix in your community. Eliminate for your customers the inconvenience, expense and inefficiency of having to buy hot mix at the asphalt plant. Create an associated business – rent hot boxes full of hot mix.

An exclusive business for you in which there will be no competition; and a solution for the smaller asphalt repair contractor that provides advantages in quality, price and efficiency.

We’re seeking one operator in your local market to share this exclusive technology with and to dominate this niche opportunity!

To discuss the exclusive RENOVA POD (Pavement On Demand) Business (Turning Millings into Money), call us at (844) 778-1788.


Only RENOVA, with the addition of an exclusive proprietary RENOVA product, makes it possible to convert 100% Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) into cold mix (cold patch). For the first time ever, with a RENOVA, a recycling machine can both recycle old, used asphalt and manufacture cold mix (cold patch) from RAP. And, this can be done for about $35 to $40 per ton, whereas cold patch acquired through traditional channels can cost $75 to $125 per ton and more. In addition to operating a RENOVA business producing hot mix for your asphalt repair opportunities and selling hot mix to municipalities and others, the RENOVA enables its owner to produce cold patch for sale at prices well below any other cold patch vendor. Produce cold patch for pick up or delivery. Generate an exclusive revenue stream and expand your business exponentially with this newest exclusive RENOVA Business opportunity. Call us at (844) 778-1788 to discuss details.